XYZ Support offers on-site setup, updating and problem solving for office PC systems. We use the latest technologies and current low-cost solutions for small businesses throughout the Port Macquarie region.

We troubleshoot individual PC issues, design and implement new or upgraded office networks and help with setting up cloud based information interchange.

We know how challenging it can be to have your own email addresses, but ‘’ style emails are essential to fostering confidence in your customers that your business is well organise and able to handle their needs.

Talk to us if...

  • Your hard drive is clogging up and you need secure file storage
  • Your office PC network is growing and you want clean connection between all users
  • Your Wi-Fi or wired network is playing up
  • Your accounting system wants to migrate your business to cloud-based everything
  • You need email addresses for anywhere from a few to twenty personnel
  • You have looked at Microsoft Exchange and found it too vast for your needs
  • You want to have, but don’t know how to manage, ‘info@’, ‘sales@', or ‘service@’ style email addresses

If you’re looking for confidence in your office PC system, and sleep at night, get in touch.