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web design trends in 2017

Posted on 11-05-2017

Of course, the web is constantly changing. As the way we interact with it develops, so does the way it presents itself to us. Technologies evolve, giving developers freedom to provide more interesting or better experiences to website visitors, leading to ever more changes.

We have been watching some of the trends unfold across the web-nerd-world. Here are some that have carried through to the design of even the simplest websites.

Layouts for the content

Visitors to the web are there to find information, essentially to read, so layouts are trending back from fancy frill to making the content more accessible. We love this! A simple website giving the visitor the info they need sooner is more likely to convert them to a customer.

When you are writing for your own site, think What would I like to find out, if I find this place on Google (or Bing, or…)?

Big Bold Text

By bold we don't mean heavy font weight. We mean clear, unobstructed statements. This could be an oversized font on a particular phrase, or text overlaying a single graphic. It comes back to a design aiming to get the message across, and careful thought about what that message is. 

More Colour

Vivid colours and fun are re-entering the design space. This may not be appropriate for all businesses, but it is making the web more fun to use.

For instance, look at stripe.

Conversion Focus

When your visitor has read the clearly placed and informative text, what next? Call to action buttons, strategically placed, invite your visitor to get involved with your business by contacting, phoning, subscribing to newsletters, downloading more detailed information or requesting a quote.

Smooth Section Animation 

and all other forms of animation. There is a fine line here between animations that make a website more fun to visit and so much animation a visitor doesn't know where to look. One simple and effective animation is when you click a link to a lower part of a page and you are gently scrolled down to it rather than the harsh jump we are used to. You will see more and more of this in future. 

Larger Letter-sizes in Paragraphs

Websites used to focus on being able to fit all the content of a page above the fold, but now that technology has evolved to make page scrolling much easier, we don’t have to be quite so fussy. This allows us to do things like make the font larger and easier to read, No more 10pt fonts - YAY! I honestly think a website is being a bit pretentious when they use tiny fonts, it is like saying 'we're so hip we can read this tiny writing' like they do it because it will deter the generally older population wearing glasses and not knowing how to zoom in.  

Anyhoo... if you want to read more about design trends, here are some great articles that fill in the points I summarised above, and many more…



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