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Why bother with a high quality website?

Posted on 17-01-2017

There are many aspects of a website that require attention to doing things correctly and all interweave when you do it really well - here are some reasons you should consider if wondering whether your website is good enough for your customers..

A dated look = a dated business

The visual is the first impression. If your website looks dated, or just plain ugly, your website visitor will inevitably project that impression across your business and products.

As superficial as this sounds, your website must be pleasing to the eye, this will give your visitor confidence that you give the same level of attention to your business across the board. They will then will want to be part of that experience. (Let’s face it, everyone wants to look and feel good, and by associating with others that look good it gets us closer to that feeling ourselves).

If a user can’t find what they are looking for straight away, they will click away!

Part of a quality web design is content placement. If designed badly, little or no thought has gone into the following questions:  ‘Is this the best place to put this information?’, ‘What information is my user really wanting to find?’, ‘How can I answer their questions faster?’. You need to present the information your users need before they know they need it.

Are you unique, niche or actually the cheapest? If not – you need to get design right

On average 95% of consumers will encounter a business online before talking to someone within the organisation.  If this statistic isn’t a shake-up, I don’t know what is. Think of the number of websites you visit when you are looking for something, and how often you hit the back button if there was just one thing you didn’t like about what you found. Some businesses have a niche market, be it location based, or a unique product, or the cheapest,  and in that situation users will put up with bad design. But if you aren’t the only one doing what you do or competing on price... you need to give users a reason to stay, or at least not give them a reason to leave. So again, be honest with yourself - what is it they are seeing? Is it what they want to see? Will they think you look tacky? Will they find the right content right away and then follow through to the call to action?

A technical mishap will lose you business - most of the time…

I had an experience the other day where I tried to buy tickets for a show online. The browser I was using kept failing, so I opened up my mobile phone and tried to do it there. It worked but only when I went to the desktop version of the site from my mobile device. It was a rigmarole but eventually I got what I wanted. Here’s the problem - I am the anomaly. As a developer I know that it is likely to behave differently on another device as I am regularly writing the code for it, so I persevered. But ask yourself this question… how many people would have done what I did and how many people would have given up and not made the purchase? (And no they weren’t tickets to Splendor in the Grass or something that sells out in minutes.)

Is your website performing the way you want it to? Is there potential to do better? Is it time to revise? Revisions to your website will cost you a whole lot less than the business you might be losing if it isn’t good right now.

… and if you decide your quality could be improved, you might want to contact us. Scoll down for hte contact form.

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